Responsibilities of Grave Owners

The legal registered owner(s) of any grave or cremation plot at Botolphs Cemetery has the following responsibilities.

Registered owners should:

  • ensure that the Clerk is in receipt of the correct postal address for the owner
  • ensure that the Grant of Exclusive Right of Burial form is kept in a safe place, possibly with their Will*
  • advise their next-of-kin or Executor that they are the registered  owner of a grave/cremation plot*
  • apply for permission, from the Joint Parishes Burial Board, if they wish to erect a headstone on a grave or a memorial tablet on a cremation plot.   This must be done on the prescribed form, available from the Clerk, and supplied together      with any drawings, specifications and payment for the current fees to the  Board for approval, prior to the memorial being installed
  • make safe, repair and reinstate, at their own expense, any memorial which has become unsafe or fallen into disrepair over time.   The Clerk must be notified in advance  of the removal or installation of any memorial, in case an interment is in      progress
  • ensure that any relatives/friends visiting Botolphs Cemetery  understand the Board’s guidelines in respect to using the Cemetery.


*Please note that on the death of the legal registered owner(s), a transfer of ownership form, available from the Clerk, must be completed.